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Dubai – The “Paris of the Middle East”

Posted by: Prestige Discoveries

Dubai, one of the world’s few locations where modern city life, sandy beaches and the desert are all within easy reach. Its captivating charm, distinctive culture and enchanting character perform a luxurious way of living that many have dream about.


In Dubai, there are a vast number of world-class hotels, luxury accommodation at reasonable cost, and very good leisure, entertainment and sporting facilities. One of them is the world’s tallest hotel that offers a staggering view across the city skyline from the observation deck on the 124th floor. Dubai is also known as a shopper’s paradise, with imported goods from around the world available in high quality shopping malls. Its traditional souks is also a very famous attraction for travellers. All the goods are sold tax-free.


Other unique attractions including the Dubai Aquarium which houses 140 species of sea life in the huge suspended tank; Jumeirah Mosque, the most beautiful of Dubai’s mosques and a fine example of Islamic architecture; the Jumeirah Beach, which  has excellent facilities with plenty of sun loungers, restaurants and water-sport operators offering jet skiing.

There is often a perception that Dubai is a playground only of the rich and famous. However, the government is now heavily promoting the city for international tourism. After all, the city will always be family-friendly with a variety of festivals and activities waiting to be discovered.